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OB Tampons Super 16's

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  • Feel of comfort and freshness.
  • Breathable cotton material.
  • Neutralizes odor developed by bacteria.
  • Helps the pad to stay in place.
  • Tested under dermatological control.

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Ob Procomfort tampons combine curved grooves technology for reliable protection with unique silk touch cover designed to give you the smoothest o.b. insertion and removal.



  • Tampons with curved grooves.
  • Silk touch cover.
  • Smooth technology.

How To Use

  • Wash your hands properly.
  • Find the colored tear strip and pull from the packet.
  • Remove both ends of the wrapper.
  • Find the string on one end of the tampon.
  • Grab the string and pull it tight from left to right and top to bottom. This widens the base of the tampon, creating a nice and protected pocket for your finger.
  • Place your index finger in the little pocket. Again this pocket will help keep your finger clean and protected as you insert the tampon.
  • Now with your thumb and middle finger get a firm hold on the tampon. Next stand with one leg up (rest your foot on the toilet or bathtub) or sit on the toilet.
  • Take a deep breath to relax. With your free hand, gently hold open the skin around the vaginal opening.
  • Now take the o.b. tampon, and with the full length of your index finger, ease it into your vagina, aiming toward your lower back
  • When the tampon is in the right place, you won’t feel it. If you do, push it a little further in. Leave the string hanging outside of your body. Wash your hands.
  • When it’s time to remove your tampon - First wash your hands. Then take a deep breath to relax, gently but firmly tug at the string. Just throw it away in the garbage and wash your hands.


100 percent organic cotton pad, synthetic fiber, petrochemical additives, chemical soup, laced with artificial colors, polyester, adhesives, polyethylene (PET), polypropylene and propylene glycol (PEG).
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